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colour vinyl double LP
16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival live album

The Fertility Cult live at the 16th Dream...

The 16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival Live
colour vinyl double LP
vinyl - winkle 36

on sale late April

Welcome to the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus - a record (well, two actually) of the 2017 gathering of the friends and extended family of Fruits de Mer Records and Sendelica at a festival held every summer in the Cellar Bar in Cardigan.

2018 saw artists descend the steps to the cellar from as far afield as Australia, Finland, Spain and Belgium, and also a lot closer to home, to perform everything from solo acoustic sets through classic psychedelia and electronica to full-on spacerock.

Everything was recorded but, Fruits de Mer being Fruits de Mer, not everything went entirely according to plan...what you'll have is a selection of the tracks that made it onto tape (or whatever the digital equivalent is), so our apologies to the artists who delivered great music but incurred the wrath of the ghosts in the machines - next time, eh?

The artists who WILL appear on the double LP are:

Nik Turner's New Space Ritual
The Fertility Cult
The Alain Pire Experience
The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers
Elfin Bow
I Am Voyager 1

If you were there, you won't want to miss it - and if you weren't, well you can close your eyes and pretend you were.
Here's what you'll get...

side one
Eflin Bow ‘Who Know Where The Time Goes’
Elfin Bow ‘Grimshaw and the Finger Claw’
I Am Voyager 1 ‘Songbird’ (Phil Macy)
Stay ‘Old Man’
Stay ‘Rock’n’Roll Woman’

side two
Consterdine ‘A Spell For Leonard’
Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers ‘Moonlight Moorings’
The Alain Pire Experience ‘Drifting Away’

side three
Sendelica ‘BS’
Sendelica ‘Maggot Brain’

side four
The Fertility Cult ‘Cosmic Kaishakunin’
Nik Turner’s New Space Ritual ‘Steppenwolf’
Nik Turner’s New Space Ritual ‘Walking Backwards’

We'll start taking pre-orders from the end of February, so watch this space (and if you're not on our mailing-list, drop an email to

And we'll be selling a limited edition at this year's festival - including a bonus CD of tracks from last year that we couldn't squeeze onto the double LP - so get your tickets - there aren't many left!

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