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The Seventeenth Dream
of Dr. Sardonicus
three-day festival
fruits de mer records' 2019 festival
The Bevis Frond at The Lucid Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus festival in Germany in 2016

a track from the Rob Gould CD that will be in the FdM goodie-bags

Fruits de Mer Records
17th Dream
of Dr. Sardonicus
August 2-4, 2019

Yes, we're back in Cardigan for our annual summer festival


it's only five months to the next one and what a line-up - we have a return visit by the legendary and far-too-modest-for-his-own-good Nick Saloman and The Bevis Frond, along with a rare-as-hen's-teeth live appearance in the UK by psych legend nick nicely and the first live set by The Chemistry Set in the UK for years, plus Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs!

...and we've even persuaded famed journo/DJ/musician Kris Needs to do a DJ-ing stint for us!

Add in first visits by Moon Goose and Three Dimensional Tanx, Italy's Red Sun, the back-by-popular-demand Alain Pire Experience and Elfin Bow - and it's looking too good to miss........oh, and of course we'll have FdM favourites Sendelica playing at a festival that they've really made their own (mainly because they organise it all).

LATE NEWS...Spurious Transients have kindly stepped in to replace Babal, who are unable to play this year due to illness

There will, of course, be the traditional free Fruits de Mer Records goodie-bag for everyone attending, lots of exclusive stuff for sale from us and the bands, Mantle Brewery's special edition festival best bitter and maybe one or two things that we haven't thought of yet, including Liz's super-limited 'vinyl-widows goodie-bags' (oh, we've already thought of that, haven't we?).

so what's going to be in the 'normal' FdM goodie-bag this year?
We're planning to include a special edition of a Fruits de Mer 7" single, along with a whole bunch of CDs, including:

1. Todd Dillingham 'Collaborations 1990-2016' - A compilation of track's from Todd's incredible back-catalogue that he put together for us especially for the festival goodie-bag just a couple of months before his untimely death; Todd's wife Pam has very kindly agreed to let me go ahead with the CD - one small way of us remembering a lovely bloke

2. 'Buried Treasure' - an exclusive 60 minute mix of 1960s, 70s & 80s library grooves, BBC radiophonics, weird folk & electronics from the label's back-catalogue

3. 'Welt am Draht' by Das Blaue Palais (the complete album on CD - you got a remixed track from it on our 'A Gathering Of The Fish' members club CD)

4. a CD from the long-running US electronica label Spotted Peccary's back-catalogue

5. A new and exclusive CD from the US band Fraktal Phantom

6. A new and exclusive CD from Australian band, Fast Cars

7. 'Fungoid' - a new and exclusive compilation from Rob Gould - check out the sample track over to the far left

8. one of three CD albums from The Brainiac 5 back-catalogue

9. 'Mercy And The Sea' - an exclusive version of this album, with previously unreleased demos

Todd Dillingham Buried Treasure Das Blaue Palais Spotted Peccary Fraktal Phantom Fast Cars Rob Gould The Brainiac 5 The Brainiac 5

...and there still might be more to come!

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