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7" Single
lovely cuppa tea `

The Chemistry Set 'Lovely Cuppa Tea' 7" EP
vinyl - winkle 30

Release Date: late September

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One of the great UK psych rock bands of the last 30 years, The Chemistry Set have been back in the studio, putting together a three-track 7" for Fruits de Mer, which will see the light of day in late-September.

for starters, how about this stunning video that supports their cover of The Moody Blues' 'Legend Of A Mind'?

The Moodies' Ray Thomas, who wrote the song, has heard it and loves it - and quite right too; add in two new songs - 'Lovely Cuppa Tea' and 'The Rubicon' - and you're in for a treat
...oh, and here comes 'lovely Cuppa'....

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