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lathe-cut 7" / CD
bevis frond lathe-cut bevis frond friends of the fish CD

The Bevis Frond
Fronds of the Fish
lathe-cut 7" (friends of the fish 14)
CD (promo 18)

lathe-cut : on sale at the 15th Dream
CD - free to club members ordering our July releases early

Nick Saloman has kindly given me two previously-unreleased home demos for a limited-run lathe-cut that we'll have available at the 15th Dream festival (80 copies - first-come-first-served at the FdM stall on the Saturday - although Nick will also be getting 20 copies to sell himself).

If you're already thinking, "sod this - I can't get to Cardigan", well, it's still going to be possible to get hold of the tracks - on a promo CDr - IF you're an FdM club member and you order our July vinyl releases nice and early, that is (not yet! I won't start taking orders until the end of May)

more news soon

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