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Goldfish - 10 years of Fruits de Mer Goldfish

various artists
3LP set - crustacean 84

(+ bonus 7" - crustacean 85)
on sale late-April

Technology eh, you either love it or throw it frisbee like through the window. We had two drafts of this little write up. One a straight ahead flag waving cake baking anniversary homage. T’other, a tad more irreverent overview. Alas they are no more, disappearing to a place ,who knows where, following the incident of the laptop in meltdown.
We was gutted, some of my finest words, all in the right order, know spelling mistakes I hasten to add, where enshrined within that tribute, the canter and flow of the words and phrases ushering forth such vivid beauty, positively Shakespeare-an with a dash of Carroll, Dickens and MR James for the obligatory haunting effect, in time people would marvel, scholars reflect and schools study.
So, Keith at Fruits de Mer asked me to write a little thing about ‘Goldfish’ in 200 words, I mean does he read our reviews, we’ve usually gotten barely half way through the first sentence, punctuation avoided without drawing breath on 200 words, given we’ve used over a 185 words we’d better get a wiggle on, hell’s teeth, what are we goona say, do you think he’d like this……
Nice label shame about the name
Mark Barton, Losing Today

....thanks you might be able to tell from the cover image, goldfish isn't a bog-standard album - not so much an LP, more a threesome with benefits....

'Goldfish' spans three LPs, with tracks from the FdM back-catalogue...

Side one

Tor Peders - Theme One (Martin) from Tor Peders 'Brev Fran Ederstorp' LP+7" winkle 17
Sendelica - Venus In Furs (Reed) from Sendelica 'A Nice Pear' 7" crustacean 13
Us and Them - Willow's Song (Giovanni) from Us and Them 7" 'Summerisle' 7" crustacean 20
Stay - 2,000 Light Years From Home (Jagger/Richards) from the Stay 7" crustacean 3
Tir na nOg - I Pick Up Birds At Funerals (O'Kelly) from Tir na nOg 'I Have known Love' 7" crustacean 49

Side two

The Chemistry Set - Come Kiss Me, Vibrate and Smile (McLean) from the Chemistry Set 7" winkle 8
Hills Have Riffs - Down By The River (McCarthy) from the 'Keep Off The Grass' double LP crustacean 21
White Sails - Fluff (Iommi) from the White Sails 7" winkle 11
Soft Hearted Scientists - Caterpillar Song (Soft Hearted Scientists) from 'Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists' double LP+7" crustacean 38

Side three

Vibravoid - Eye Shaking King (Karrer/Rogner) from Vibravoid 'Krautrock Sensation' 7" crustacean 7 (previously unreleased, extended mix)
Claudio Cataldi - Here She Comes Now (Reed/Cale/Morrison) from Claudio Cataldi 'Here She Comes Now' 7" winkle 22
King Penguin - She Don't Care About Time (Clark) from the '7 and 7 is' box-set crustacean 51-57
Beautify Junkyards - From The Morning (Drake) from the Beautify Junkyards 7" crustacean 30
nick nicely - Hilly Fields - The Mourning (nicely) from nick nicely 'Hilly Fields' 7" crustacean 27

Side four

Blue Zeta Giant Puppies - Journey Of The Sorcerer (Leadon) from 'The Fruits de Mer Records Guide To The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' 7"+CD crustacean 74
Cranium Pie - Baby You're A Rich Man (Lennon/McCartney) from the Cranium Pie 7" crustacean 8
Crystal Jacqueline - Cousin Jane (Page/Matthews) from the Crystal Jacqueline 7" crustacean 39
Mark McDowell - Girls Of Belvoir (McDowell) from the Regal Crabomophone Annual 2014 7" winkle 13
The Pretty Things - Helter Skelter (Lennon/McCartney) from 'The White EP' (double 7") crustacean 33

Side five

The Honey Pot - Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room (Crowley/Greeley) from The Honey Pot 'Ascending Scales' double LP winkle 25
Permanent Clear Light - Wherewithal (Ward) from the FdM 2011 Annual 7" crustacean 16
Frobisher Neck - Isi (Dinger/Rother) from 'Roqueting Through Space' (LP+7") crustacean 13
Kris Gietkowski - I Will Be Absorbed (Brooks/Campbell/Stewart) from Kris Gietkowski 'Music from Egg's first LP' LP strange fish eight
Jack Ellister - The Man With The Biochopper (Ellister) from the Jack Ellister 7" winkle 6

Side six

Sidewalk Society - Strange Roads (King/King) from Sidewalk Society 'Strange Roads' LP crustacean 81
Astralasia - The Desert (Boulton/Swordfish) from Astralasia 'Wind On Water' LP+7" winkle 17
Superfjord - A Love Supreme (Coltrane) from the 'Coltrane' 7" crustacean 59
Schizo Fun Addict - Ogdens Nut Gone Flake (Marriott/Lane/McLagan/Jones) from the Schizo Fun Addict 7" crustacean 1 (flake mix - previously unreleased)

...and all copies will include a bonus 7" - the little goldfish (crustacean 85)

A. Saturn's Ambush - White Horses (Carr/Nisbet) from the 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' 7" crustacean 22
AA. Johnny Vines - Waterfall (Hess/Panka/Nadolny/Krantz) from the 'Head Music' double LP crustacean 26

...I've tried not to include too much from Record Collector's 'Plankton' collection of FdM's early years, or from records that are still easily available, or the more extended tracks we've released, such as those on our strangefish sublabel...Goldfish focuses mainly on what Fruits de Mer originally set out to deliver - classic and wilfully-obscure songs taken from, or heavily influenced by, the 60s and early 70s.

...and the bonus 7"?
'the little goldfish' contains two songs I really wanted to include on the 3LP set but the artists responsible for them managed to avoid me until the LPs were at test pressing stage - instead it'll be a bonus disc with all copies of 'goldfish' and I'm hoping to have a few extras available for gigs

The whole thing will be presented in a triple-gatefold sleeve, just to add to the overblowness of it; I'll be taking pre-orders for the 3LP/7" set from the beginning of March, please email if you're not already on an FdM mailing-list, so I can make sure you don't miss out

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if you're not already on a Fruits de Mer mailing-list, please email
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