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7" Single
heaven is in your mind Anton Barbeau `

Anton Barbeau 'Heaven Is In Your Mind' 7" EP
vinyl - winkle 28

Release Date: late July
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The Ant Man is back!

Fruits de Mer Records' favourite solo artist from Sacramento, by way of Berlin, returns with a four-track EP...comprising three great covers and an Anton Barbeau original.

The EP is called, 'Heaven Is In Your Mind', which gives you a bit of a clue regarding one of the covers, the 1967 Traffic song, taken from their LP 'Mr Fantasy' (retitled 'Heaven Is In Your Mind' in the USA).

Anton has also recorded Bowie's 'Scary Monsters' and a personal favourite of mine, Big Star's classic 'September Gurls' for the EP, along with an all-new song, 'Secretion Of The Wafer'.

Have a listen to a bit of 'Scary Monsters' - Ant really does has a great voice for Bowie songs...

If you're in the UK, you can pre-order now for £6 inc P&P
(if you're not in the UK, please go to our SHOP page for options)

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