7" EP
pcl maurice

Permanent Clear Light 'Maurice N'est Pas La''
colour vinyl/33rpm - winkle 31

Release Date: late-April

Markku and the Finns are back on Fruits de Mer!

After the great critical reaction to their debut LP, 'Beyond These Things', their new EP 'Maurice N'est Pas La' contains three new and original tracks from the next Permanent Clear Light LP - possibly the band's most psychedelically-inclined songs yet and certainly some of their best

(by the way, we couldn't decide which sleeve design to go for - so we're going to release a batch in each version)

We've crammed about 15 minutes of music onto a 33rpm 7", the three tracks are:
One In Five
This Quiet Smiling Man

...beautifully-crafted work from PCL - here's a taster, this is 'This Quiet Smiling Man'....

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