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Three Of A Kind
Kris Gietkowski
three CD set - strange fish eight special edition

Release Date: May 2017

Kris' album of Egg covers will be expanded to a three CD set in time for our three-day festival in Germany

Kris had also recorded instrumental versions of most of the first albums by Atomic Rooster and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown a couple of years back; sparked by FdM's interest, he's returned to the project to add some final tracks and we reckon they should be together on one package - so they will be.

'Three Of A Kind' will be a three CD set -on sale initally at Wurzburg, we'll then have copies available at our gigs in Cardigan, at the Half Moon and the Dionysus one-dayer in Derby - after that, I'll split with whatever I have left with nick Leese at Heyday and we'll offer them for sale by mail order - assuming we have some left, that is!

more news soon

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