Elfin Bow

Elfin Bow and Gary Lloyd
'Who Know Where The Time Goes'
colour vinyl/45rpm - winkle 33

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For her first single with Fruits de Mer, Elizabeth Kearney aka Elfin Bow is fulfilling the ambition of a lifetime by recording with an orchestra.

​ She is collaborating with composer and producer, Gary Lloyd, to create a very special single, due for release at the end of this year on Regal Crabomophone.

​ Joining the cannon of musical greats who have recorded Sandy Denny’s poignant classic, 'Who Knows Where the Time Goe's, Elizabeth will also re-imagine The Wisdom - the first single from her self-titled debut album, for what I think will be a truly memorable offering on the 40th anniversary year of Sandy's death.

​ Featuring on both songs are the Scottish Session Orchestra, made up of hand-picked principals from the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
Having recently recorded Gary Lloyd’s Symphony for Equality 2nd Movement - composed in response to Alan Moore’s 'Mirror of Love' - these world class players and their production company Clockwork Sessions, played host to Gary and Elfin at The New Auditorium in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall in June.

Here's what Mark Barton from The Sunday Experience has to say...

It’s only on those rarest of occasions that a record passing our way, simply leaves us struck dumb n’ speechless and hollowed with a crushed ache. Rarer still to find said track, in its wake, leaving an overwhelming sense that you’ve been touched by something truly special and enchanted.
Elfin Bow, better known to kith n’ kin as Elizabeth Kearney, here paired up with composer and producer Gary Lloyd to head up the Scottish Session Orchestra for a brace of tracks that might well illicit a warm fuzzy glow to these winter drawing days. The lead out track, a devastatingly beautiful re-phrasing of Sandy Denny’s immortal ‘who knows where the time goes’ – indeed as the press release rightly notes ‘a truly memorable offering on the 40th anniversary of Sandy’s death’. Seriously, this cuts deep, serviced with a full symphonic orchestration, Elfin Bow gets beneath the originals skin in a way that no other cover has, picking at its dark reflective beauty, her ghost whispering angelic tones seductively hush and caress all the time lost to the delicate dream like cascades unfurling within the Autumnal tapestry weaved by the SSO, this reappraised update truly proving to be re-spun anew with a bitter sweet glow, perfect for the coming seasonal yuletide. Over on the flip, a reworked version of ‘the wisdom’ from Elfin Bow’s debut full length, here cradled with an alluring intimacy within which a tender bruising forms, Elfin Bow draws you close beneath her spectral rustic charm spirited upon the genteel undulate of daydreaming riff cascades and a folk voice that ghosts with a softening purr to rival anything from the scene’s long history.

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