Fishing Trip

This is The High Learys...

...and Whitebeard with 'Molten Staar'... and here's Tetrao Urogallus...

Fishing Trip
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD23

free with club members' orders for our December vinyl releases from Sendelica and The Fishheads.

half of a double CD with 'Tripping Fish' - here's the full track listing:

1 The High Learys - Letters To Alice
2 Flying Circus - Do You Know
3 Ghostwound - Gimcana Spiralis
4 Home Brewed Universe - Marketing Gimmiks Rule The World
5 Jagama - Le Peg
6 PG Trips - Futuro Retro
7 Stray Owls - Mandlin
8 Temple Otium - Toundra
9 Dave Swanson's Mystery Airship - DSMA
10 Whitebeard - Molten Staar
11 Tetrao Urogallus - Aurora
12 Rob Gould - Odessa 4 - Attack of the Behemoth
13 Vibravoid - Dance On Mars
14 Air Formation - Into View
15 Lesbian Speed Dating - Ride The Clouds
16 Oslo Tapes - Lost Tapes IV
17 The Cyclist Conspiracy - The Great Staurocycle
18 Empty House - Florian

check out details of the other half of the set - 'Tripping Fish' HERE

'Fishing Trip'/'Tripping Fish' are free to FdM club members who buy both Sendelica's new album 'Man, Myth & Magic' and The Fishhead's 'Lobster Basque Replica' direct from Fruits de Mer, or from Shiny Beast if you're not in the UK - a total of 2 1/2 hours of new music - There are so many artists out there whose music I just can't stretch to releasing on vinyl - I hope you find some sounds that appeal and you'll want to check out the artists' recordings much further.

check out our members club page if you're not already a club member and you'd like to know about it - it's free and very painless.

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