8"lathe-cut EP

'Running From Home'...

'Sea Song'...

'Matty Groves'...

'The Garden Of Jane Delawney'...

Us and Them / Jay Tausig / Elfin Bow / Kevin & Scott Robertson
8" lathe-cut - Friends of the Fish 63

limited to 90 copies
on sale end-January

Fruits de Mer Records enters its 15th year and our first release of 2023 focuses on the folk-rock/acid-folk side of our musical interests, with covers of four classic songs.

It’s a very limited release – unfortunately the cost of manufacturing 7” EPs through major pressing plants has gone crazy at the moment and so we’ve turned to 345rpm.com – lathe-cutters to the stars (and us) – to give us the chance to release the music on vinyl.

Four artists that we’ve worked with over the years - Swedish duo Us and Them, US multi-instrumentalist Jay Tausig, Liverpudlian Elfin Bow and relative FdM new boys Scottish duo Kevin and Scott Robertson - reinterpret songs by three artists who championed folk in the UK in the 60s and 70s - Trees, Caedmon and Bert Jansch - together with the epic traditional song ‘Matty Groves’, best-known through Fairport Convention’s version.

Tracks on the 8”:

1. Us and Them - ‘The Garden Of Jane Delawney’ (Trees) 4:17
2. Jay Tausig - ‘Matty Groves’ (trad.) 4:11
3. Elfin Bow - ‘Sea Song’ (Caedmon) 4:57
4. Kevin & Scott Robertson - ‘Running From Home’ (Jansch) 2:15

you can hear exceprts from the tracks on the lefthand side of this page - dare I say they're all rather lovely, I think I've been underplaying this side of the label recently.

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