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Soft Hearted Scientists
Waltz Of The Weekend
triple LP
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After a long hiatus, Soft Hearted Scientists returned in 2023 with their most ambitious album yet, packed with psych pop singles and longer sound journeys such as ‘Waltz of the Weekend’, ‘Anemone Song’ and ‘Lost Mariners’. And now it’s time for the album to make its first appearance on vinyl.

There have been glowing reviews of the CD album, but one comment summed up the progress the album represents for the band in simple terms: “The pop songs have got poppier, and the weird songs have got weirder”.

Fruits de Mer Records are more than a bit pleased to be releasing ‘Waltz Of The Weekend’ on vinyl – SIX sides of it (we try not to do things by halves). In addition to the 12 tracks from the 75 minute CD edition, side five of the vinyl set includes three radical remixes of the songs ‘Rode My Bike’, ‘What Grows Inside the Garden’ and ‘The Sea Anemone Song’ by producer Frank Naughton, while the final side contains an epic sidelong remix/remake of elements of the album by Frank who ripped the songs to bits with glee, free from Nathan's album mix obsessiveness(!), and remade them as he wished without inhibition.

"...a psychedelic album that is right up there with seminal albums like The Small Faces’ 'Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake' and The Pretty Things’ 'Parachute'..." Dimensions In Sound And Space.

...and I've just read a review from Italy, describing the bonus LP..."pure madness, beautiful madness...prepare yourself for a time leap directly into the psychedelic/prog/PinkFloydian perfumes of the 60s, oblivion, forgetfulness but what a superb feeling!!!"

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