Touch 'We Feel Fine'/'Down At Circe's Place'
/'We Finally Met Today'

vinyl 33rpm - crustacean 88

on sale end-December

WE FINALLY MET TODAY (first time on vinyl)
7" EP

we'll start taking pre-orders in November

Fruits de Mer Records' first reissue single and, as it's 10 years since we launched with the intention of being a 7" reissue, it has to be a good one.

If you happen to have read Dave Thompson's book, 'The Incomplete Angler', you might recall that the 1969 LP on Deram by Touch meant a helluva lot to me as a kid - to the extent that I laboriously drew the band logo all over my school books and put their (slightly doubtful) poster on my bedroom wall.

The album is/was a wild, unique mix of US psych-meets-prog - over-the-top vocals, swirling keyboards, searing guitar, crazed studio effects; it's said that Jimi Hendrix called in on the studio sessions and was suitably impressed.

So when Cherry Red Records gave me the chance to put out a single featuring tracks from their one and only album, there wasn't a moment's hesitation....OH YES!

Amazing music and a bit of a dream come true, but the single had to have an extra something - and that's a track called 'We Finally Met Today', recorded for a 1968 single that never materialised and (as far as I know) has never been released on vinyl until now.
Add in a mini fold-out poster that replicates the one that was included with the original LP and FdM finally becomes the reissue label that Andy and I set out to be in the first place.

more news soon

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if you're not already on a Fruits de Mer mailing-list, please email fruitsdemer7@hotmail.com

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