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black vinyl LP
We Are The Cellar Bar Restoration Society

The LP includes a live version of Elfin Bow's 'The Wisdom', recorded at the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival (this is the studio version)

There's also an exclusive, extended version of this moving song by Anton Barbeau...

We Are The Cellar Bar Restoration Society

black vinyl LP
Friends of the Fish 38

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The Cellar Bar in Cardigan is home to Fruits de Mer Records' annual 'Dr. Sardonicus' festival.'s a wonderful, unique place that makes artists and audiences alike feel unbelievably welcome; not only is it the best 'live' venue in West Wales, the Cellar Bar is much more - Steve Greenhalgh and his team have made it a vital meeting place - for the local community, for people on the breadline, for anyone who needs to find a friendly face - it's an essential part of the fabric of the town.

So, why the LP? Over the The Cellar Bar's guv'nor Steve Greehalgh...

"A number of our regular friends have made observations and suggestions to improve the experience of all who come here. Though the cost, and the restrictions of a 300 year old stone building, make these ideas difficult to achieve, they are not impossible. Our initial focus is to improve the view to the two stage areas, while making extra room to improve the level of comfort inside the venue. We would also like to upgrade cameras and TV equipment, so that the ground level experience is as good as that seen in the cellar area; to this end, we have launched a £7,000 crowdfunding campaign..."

When we heard about the campaign, Fruits de Mer asked a few friends of the label who have played at the Cellar Bar over the years if they would like to contribute a track to a fundraising LP; they jumped at the chance and the 'We Are The Cellar Restoration Society' album was born - 'Friends of the Fish' proving they are also friends of the Cellar Bar.

'The Cellar Bar Restoration Society' combines exclusive tracks with songs recorded at Dr. Sardonicus festivals; our aim is to raise £2,000 towards the fighting fund and by buying this LP, you'll be playing your part.

We had planned to sell the album at this year's festival but due to circumstances beyond our control that obviously can't we'll be offering copies for sale by mail order instead - initially to club members and then to everyone else, if we have any left.

As a guide, if we send Steve Greenhalgh £10 for every copy we sell up to 150 copies, and send 50 copies to the Cellar Bar to sell themselves, that should get them to the target - and it will leave us with 100 to share with the artists AND to try to recover some more of the costs of pressing them!

And if the Cellar Bar needed our help before, think what the lockdown means for Steve and co.

The artists have very kindly contributed the following tracks free-of-charge:

side one

The Chemistry Set - 'Concert Intro' - first time on vinyl
The Bevis Frond - 'I'm Here And It's There' - previously unreleased
The Alain Pire Experience - 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out' - recorded at the 16th Dream Festival
Sendelica - 'WRV' - new recording

side two

Astralasia - 'Spacepluck' - previously unreleased
Elfin Bow - 'The Wisdom' - recorded at the 16th Dream festival & previously unreleased
Custard Flux - 'It's Just A Matter Of Time' - first time on vinyl
Mark McDowell and friends - 'People Like Us' - recorded at the 17th Dream festival & previously unreleased
Anton Barbeau - 'Heavy Psychedelic Toilet' - first time on vinyl

There's some fantastic music here, it doesn't need to be for a worthy cause to be an essential purchase, but it just so happens that it is (maybe you should buy two?)

Sorry, we're already SOLD OUT at FdM Towers based on pre-orders, BUT...


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