The Ego Ritual meet Three Dimensional Tanx
The Ego Ritual...
Three Dimensional Tanx...

The Ego Ritual/
Three Dimensional Tanx

lathe-cut vinyl 45rpm - friends of the fish 30

on sale at the 17th Dream Festival

The Ego Ritual and Three Dimensional Tanx - two new bands for the summer festival in Wales (although 3D Tanx have appeared on a previous FdM lathe-cut) - and they join forces for one of our stupidly-limited lathe-cut 7"s that will only be for sale from FdM from our stall in Cardigan - and just possibly a few will escape from the bands' meagre supplies at some point - but we're not planning to get more than 80 cut in total.

The Ego Ritual contribute 'Chakra Maraca' from their debut CD, while Three Dimensional Tanx come up with two tracks from their album, 'A Compulsion for Propulsion' - 'Medication' and 'His Latest Apparatus'.

Collectible - possibly, great music - definitely.

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