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colour vinyl 4LP set
The Continuing Escapades Of The Soft Hearted Scientists

here are two tracks from the set...

The Continuing Escapades Of The Soft Hearted Scientists

colour vinyl double 4LP set
winkle 42

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The Scientists are back in the studio - and back on Fruits de Mer...

In 2013, we released a double LP retrospective of the wonderful Welsh psychedelicists’ early work – it was their first airing on vinyl; the set was called ‘Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists’. I’ve been talking to their front man Nathan Hall about returning to their back-catalogue ever since and I managed to persuade the band that a second retrospective needed a new track to complete the package (they’d somehow not made it into the studio together for three years); the resulting track, ‘Please Read Me’ was so damn good I had to put it out as a single last year – and this set includes an extended version of it.

rumour has it the band enjoyed themselves so much we could be hearing more - much more - from them in 2021, but that's for another time...

Here you have a double LP of some of the Scientists’ most beguiling songs – most of them taken from their more recent albums - but, more than that, you have in total a FOUR LP set, including a second double LP, this time of Soft Hearted Scientists instrumentals – songs stripped-down and then sewn back together in magical style into four sidelong pieces by Astralasia’s Marc Swordfish for a completely different perspective on their music, unveiling aspects that might otherwise have remained hidden behind Nathan’s lead voice and lyrics.

Here's the full track listing:

LP 1
1. Midnight Mutinies
2. I'll Be Happy, I'll Be Waiting
3. Westward Leading
4. You There Standing In The Shadows
5. The Up and The Downs
6. Drifting Away
7. Cwm Cadlan
8. The Black Dahlia
9. For You
10. Hawthorn

LP 2
1. Song From The River
2. Seaside Sid
3. Panorama
4. On A Clear Day
5. Golden Omens
6. The Creeps
7. Surferalla
8. Crystal Coves
9. Please Read Me

LP 3
1 Astral Adventure 1
2 Astral Adventure 2

LP 4
1 Astral Adventure 3
2 Astral Adventure 4

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