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The Half Time Orange

The Half Time Orange
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD8

free with club members' March 2020 orders

The first members club exclusive compilation CD of 2020 will feature fourteen artists, six or seven of whom are probably making their first appearance on an FdM release (I say 'probably' as, after 11 years of releases and about 200 artists darkening our towels, I tend to lose track occasionally).

Anyway, it's another spiffing compilation - on balance a little lighter in content than last autumn's 'Deep Sea Exploration' and guaranteed to cheer you up on a cold winter morning.

Here's the full track listing:

1. Hanford Flyover - 'Timeless'
2. Bhopal's Flowers - 'H.I.G.H.W.A.Y.S.'
3. the black watch - 'Crying All the Time'
4. The Telephones - 'Atoms'
5. The Alain Pire Experience - 'Lost On A Cloud'
6. London Underground - 'Bumpin' On Sunset'
7. Lost Tuesday Society - 'I Can See Through Yours'
8. LoveyDove - 'Soft Sun'
9. The Lemon Clocks - 'Everybody Wants Some More'
10. Man & Machine - 'Lost At Sea'
11. Kris Gietkowski - 'Providers of Enlightenment Networks'
12. Melvin Hancox Band - 'Lysergic Vision'
13. Dave Buckley and The Watchwood - 'Worlds Within Worlds'
14. The Von Tripps - 'Night Time'

- you can check out three of the tracks right now over on the left.

Incidentally, if you're too young or international to know what 'The Half Time Orange' refers to, it was a tradition in English amateur football for players to get half an orange to suck on at half-time, along with a quick rubdown with wintergreen (in Wales, a raw leek replaced the orange, while in Scotland a wee dram of whisky replaced the orange...
...and the wintergreen).

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