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lathe-cut 7" pic disc

The Lemon Clocks
lathe-cut pic disc 7" - Friends of the Fish 27

on sale to club members only - March


Introducing Jeremy Morris and The Lemon Clocks!

Unbelievably prolific, Jeremy Morris has been releasing albums as a solo artist, as The Jeremy Band, and as part of The Lemon Clocks, since the 80s.

Most of his output is probably best-described as power-pop and so are a bit outside the remit of FdM, but Jeremy's recordings can range from short-sharp, 60s psychedelia through to extended guitar wig-outs.

There's a charming naivety to his sound and it can cheer me up on the dullest of days.

He's a very generous guy and has agreed to let me share some of his songs with FdM club members during 2019, starting with this extremely limited lathe-cut pic disc; there'll only be 50 copies available for sale and I'll be in touch with club members to explain how you can stake your claim for one in a few weeks' time.

For a band that's released so much music, they're surprisingly had to find on the web...

click HERE for details of their recent album, 'Time To Fly'

more news soon

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