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Sendelica 'Nite Flights' 7"
vinyl - crustacean 76

with Lou Palmer and Marc Swordfish
sold out at FdM Towers
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The godlike genius that is Scott Walker finally gets the Sendelica/Fruits de Mer treatment

'Nite Flights' is a song from The Walker Brothers' final album together and it's re-worked by our good friends Sendelica, with guest vocals by Lou Palmer. Their version is re-worked in a 'tabla mix' by Astralasia's Marc Swordfish for the b-side - which is nice.

How did it all come about? I had the shock a year or two back of finding Sendelica liking disco, when they did a 22 minute version of ‘I Feel Love’ for a 4LP boxset on FdM, now I find out they are (not so) secret Scott Walker fans! I’d best let Pete Bingham from the band explain....

“I've been a big fan of Scott since the 1980's, discovering him through Soft Cell and Julian Cope. I think his voice is just amazing and an extraordinary songwriter. I also adore his string arrangements and I think there is definitely a bit of Scott in our version of Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ that we did for FdM last year. I think Keith was worried about a female vocalist tackling a Scott classic, but I think it works really well... so enjoy Sendelica does Scott Walker... and who knows what the next Sendelica cover version will be”.

here's a preview...

We've also slipped in three postcards with each copy - cover designs that we didn't dare risk, or thought better of (if you already have the FdM pack of 52 postcards, you might want to add these to the collection)

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