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Special Edition
winkle 27-7

Release Date: early May 2017

a very special edition of Astralasia's new double LP

As if 80 minutes+ of 'Oceania' wasn't enough excitement, we've also put together 200 'special editions' of Astralasia's latest release (I have 100 for sale and the band have 100 sets); but what makes it so special...?

- the double LP on translucent white vinyl
- an exclusive CD of Astralasia's last live album (until now, only available on vinyl)
- a 7" white label of two tracks we couldn't quite squeeze onto 'Oceania' - in some rather 'interesting' packaging
- an A2 double-sided poster
- a special colour vinyl edition of the double album itself
and some jelly fish!

FdM club members got priority, but if you're desperate to get hold of a copy, please email me ( and I'll see what i can do

By the way, if you'd like to buy an 'Oceania' t-shirt, again please email me - they're £10 inc P&P in the UK, £12 inc P&P outside the UK - and we don't have many!

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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...