sold out strange fish two

it's strange, it's fishy, it's....

a new series of albums from Fruits de Mer that feature original, instrumental tracks influenced by classic krautrock, kosmische sounds, motorik beats, progressive rock, acid-jams, minimalist and ambient music, old and new. If you enjoyed 'Roqueting Through Space' and 'Head Music', I think you'll like these - and if you didn't buy those, but love Neu!, Klaus Schulze, the Brain and Ohr labels, extended prog rock tracks, side-long ambient pieces, more modern ambient sounds such as Hammock and Robin Guthrie (they're not on albums, i'm just giving a 'for instance'!), acoustic guitar + electronics tracks - well,I hope you'll give the samples that I've been posting on the site a listen


strange fish 2 - a double LP compilation of krautrock/progressive rock influenced/guitar-led tracks 

it's strange, it's fishy, it's....

side1 (22:33)
1 - Condentia (1:50)  more on Moonweevil

2 Red Machine (8:24) more on Vespero

Organic Is Orgasmic
3 - At Dawn Of Men (12:42) more on Organic Is Orgasmic

side2 (22:40)
1 - 80% Neon Bridge Of Sighs (10:41) more on Sendelica

Temple Music
2 - From The Serene Republic (6:34) more on Temple Music
The Grand Astoria
3 - Space Orchid vs Massive Drumkit (5:25) more on The Grand Astoria

side3 (22:38)

Cat Frequency
1 - The Fragmentation of St. Veronica's Veil (7:23) more on Cat Frequency

Julie's Haircut
2 - Tarazed (6:00)
3 - Asioli  (recorded with Valerio Cosi & Tiziano Bianchi) (10:15)
more on Julie's Haircut

side4 (24:26)

1 - Kwangmyongsong
2 - Radian
3 - You Yourself Are The Teacher And The Guru
more on Mechanik

Unfortunately, I think your only hopes now for getting hold of a copy are discogs or ebay


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