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colour vinyl LP
Kris Gietkowski - Symmetric Communication
Kris Gietkowski - Symmetric Communication vinyl
Kris Gietkowski - Symmetric Communication vinyl montage

Kris Gietkowski
Symmetric Communication
colour vinyl LP
vinyl - strange fish fourteen

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Kris Gietkowski does next for FdM what Egg might have done next for Deram back in the early 70s, if they hadn't gone their disparate ways.

Kris' own compositions echo the feel of the 'Polite Force' sessions and he takes things to their illogical conclusion with his own take on 'A Visit To Newport Hospital', which appeared on Egg's second album.

Kris' first release for Fruits de Mer was his interpretation of tracks taken from Egg's first LP (which I happened to find hidden away on Youtube!), his new album has a similar feel but he has now created new songs in a similar vein; they are, of course, wonderful...although I might be slightly biased as Egg were the band that first led me off the straight-and-narrow.

Here's a taster with Kris' demo of 'Newport Hospital'...

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