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Todd Dillingham

Clasping The Weave...

Up The Ass Of A Swan...

Vast Empty Spaces
Todd Dillingham

CD - Friends of the Fish promo 33

exclusive to the Fruits de Mer free goodie-bag at the 19th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival

The late, great Todd Dillingham was a hugely prolific rock'n'roll maverick - as well as being a great supporter of Fruits de Mer through his radio show AND an inventor of fishy puns for record titles long before FdM.

Sadly, Todd died in 2018 but his brother Mick very kindly put another compilation CD together for FdM as a way of us remembering Sgt. Kipper.

1. Vast Empty Spaces, Shiny Girl, Myriad Girl-Paintings
2. Shops Are All Closed Again
3. Rely On Me
4. Such A Feeling
5. Clasping The Weave
6. Dollis Broof, Millero, Wonderland, Mullardo, Tranquil Water
7. Never Want To See You (Again)
8. Nine You Don't Want
9. Simple Song - remix
10. Up The Ass Of A Swan
11. Animal Bizarre
12. Little Orphan
13. Hyena
14. Where Is The Brave

Mick also designed the cover.

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